Michela Gruppach

Michela Gruppach was born in Vicenza, where she lives and works.

Growing up, she was a regular presence in fer father’s jewellery workshop where she learnt about techniques. and developed her sense of artistry.

In 2000 she attended Class for Jewel Design at GIA (Gemmological Institute of America). She also attended Class of Design and Color Technique at the Art Studio Amedeo Modigliani with the Master of Art Vincenzo Ursoleo.

She loves experimenting new materials and is particularly passionate about epoxy resins to create sculptures and objects.

In 2010 she participated in the contest ‘Panchine d’artista’. In 2011 she was curator of the competition ‘My Panton Chair’. Currently she creates jewels, sculptures, paintings, installations, surfaces and scenery.

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How I Work



I do not use moulds but I create shapes through manipulation, traction and placement.


I experimented and found a very personal way to handle this material and be able to express my creativity.